Technology as a Revealing: Everything Functions


Martin Heidegger’s work on technology is explored from the point of view of the ‘essence’ of technology as a revealing. Discussion of a wider understanding of poiēsis, including physis. Poiēsis with respect to technē. Description of technology as a way of revealing, in the sense of truth as unconcealment.

How human beings find themselves uprooted from the earth by the technology as a way of revealing. Furthermore, an explanation of why Heidegger is not “against” technology per se. Heidegger is rather concerned with its essence, and not technology as such. Additionally, an explanation of Heidegger’s ideas of the relationship between technology and science. Also, Heidegger’s famous comment that “Science doesn’t think” comes up in this context. Introduction of “the happening” (Ereignis).

Personal reflections on the contemporary state of technology, e.g. artificial intelligence and robotics. Dismissal of pessimism and neo-Luddite positions in the face of the challenges to technology, as ways of rooted in literal / subject-object ways of thinking. How Heidegger points toward the need for thinking in a participatory sense. Hope for the present time, because we now recognize the uprooting effect of technology. This recognition provides an occasion for thinking, and therefore, for the “happening” that may reveal more about our relationship to Being.

This episode draws on Heidegger’s essay The Question Concerning Technology / Die Frage nach der Technik. It also includes a look at some especially relevant interviews with Heidegger in which technology comes up. These include the famous 1966 interview with Der Spiegel (published first in 1976 on Heidegger’s death) and then also a 1969 interview with ZDF television on the occasion of Heidegger’s 80th birthday.

Thinkers/Authors whose ideas are discussed: Martin Heidegger

Also mentioned: René Descartes. Francis Bacon. René Char.

Works Referred to:

The Question Concerning Technology / Die Frage Nach der Technik (Heidegger)


Der Spiegel Interview with Martin Heidegger:

ZDF Television Interview with Martin Heidegger

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