Against Ideology: My Personal Metanoia

The second in a two-part discussion critical of ideology. I discuss a personal metanoia that helped me to overcome ideological thinking.

The first part of this discussion is here: Against Ideology, Part 1: Ideology vs Philosophy (S2E6)

How a personal metanoia informs my approach to ideology

This episode is much more highly personal than most. I have alluded in the past to the importance of a personal metanoia to my current way of thinking. A number of listeners have asked if I would share more details.

While I prefer to focus on philosophy as opposed to myself, this topic seems relevant and useful to address at this time.

This discussion of my personal experience comes with a twofold purpose. One of which is to clarify my position on ideology as we prepare to tackle topics that are fraught with the possibility of ideological misunderstanding. The other of which is to serve as an aid to anyone who is caught in the vicious circle of ideology and may need some help to free themselves from it.

This metanoia was really, for me, not an instance of philosophical argumentation in the way that I was accustomed. Yet at the same time, I do not regard it simply as some sort of private revelation, either. It was instead a philosophical insight that came to me, inspired by a contemplative turn that removed a blind spot in my perspective.

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