Andover Hall, Harvard Divinity School

In this episode I read afresh the talk that I gave at Harvard Divinity School on 3 November 2018. The title of the talk was “Recovering Poetic Vision in a Technological Age.”

This talk I gave as part of the proceedings of the inaugural Sound Education conference. Incidentally, this was also my first public appearance as the host of Wholly Orders.

Here I draw out the red thread of Season One of the podcast. It amounts to an abridged version of the approach to poetic vision. This I contrast with the scientific and technological thinking dominant since the Enlightenment.

I would like to thank everyone involved from Harvard Divinity School and Sound Education for the invitation to speak and for being such gracious hosts. Special thanks to Zach Davis for reaching out to me last summer.

Additional new material is coming soon. As we counter the “flattened” view of Enlightenment thinking, we will deepen our philosophical exploration of the Christian tradition. Watch this space.

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