Discussion of figuration and thinking in Barfield, with Heidegger and Bohm as reference points. A close reading of chapter three of Saving the Appearances.

Thinkers/Authors discussed: Owen Barfield, Martin Heidegger, David Bohm

Also mentioned: Lewis Carroll, Jorge Luis Borges, Alfred Korzybski, Rene Descartes, Immanuel Kant

Concepts: collective representation; figuration, alpha-thinking, and beta-thinking; how we experience and/or relate to the “unrepresented,” the conversion of the unrepresented into a representation, how we relate to and think about representations; passing over from way of relating to representation to another, and doing so imperceptibly; alpha-thinking (Barfield) in relationship to calculative thinking (Heidegger) and literal thought (Bohm); alpha-thinking and the enframing / Ge-stell (Heidegger); figuration and readiness-to-hand / Zuhandenheit (Heidegger)

Works Referred to:
Saving the Appearances (Barfield)
Being and Time / Sein und Zeit (Heidegger)
Sylvie and Bruno (Carroll)
Sylvie and Bruno Concluded (Carroll)
“On Rigor in Science” / “Del Rigor en la Ciencia” (Borges)


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