Discussion of collective representation in thought via David Bohm and Owen Barfield.

Thinkers/Authors whose ideas are discussed: David Bohm, Owen Barfield

Also mentioned: Vaclav Havel, Martin Heidegger, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Henri Bortoft, Thomas Kuhn, Edmund Husserl

Concepts: collective thought, collective representation and presentation, wholeness and the implicate order, unfoldment and enfoldment, “reality is reality,” our picture of nature as a consequence of the modern scientific worldview, participatory thought versus literal thought, idolatry and the worshipping of thought and words, the possibilities for participatory thought available through dialogue

Works Referred to:
On Dialogue (Bohm)
Saving the Appearances (Barfield)
Wholeness and the Implicate Order (Bohm)

Bohm CBC radio interview from 1979

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