Meditation on David Bohm’s view of collective thought, and the deep structure of thought.

Thinkers/Authors whose ideas are discussed: David Bohm, Martin Heidegger, Wendell Berry

Also mentioned: Marcel Proust

Concepts: the origin of current problems in dialogue and discourse, shortcomings of popular scientific perspective, fragmentation in thinking, the deep structure of thought, calculative and contemplative thought in relation to the deep structure, the experience of meditation, thinking/thoughts/feelings/felts, the comings and goings of thought, the map is not the territory — but it does have a structure, how representation/presentation relate to imagination

Works Referred to:

On Dialogue (Bohm)

Remembrance of Things Past / In Search of Lost Time / À la recherche du temps perdu (Proust)

Of interest:

The Bohm Documentary

Wendell Berry tweet referred to in opening


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