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Discussion of holistic perspective and “das geistige Band.” Reflections on how this relates to the way that biology is taught. Mentioning of several of Goethe’s aphorisms related to science/empiricism. Introduction to the work of Henri Bortoft.

Cited/Quoted: William Shakespeare, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Alfred Korzybski, Henri Bortoft

Referred to in Passing: Galileo Galilei, Immanuel Kant, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, Friedrich Hölderlin, Rene Descartes, Roger Bacon

Recommended Reading: Maxims and Reflections / Maximen und Reflexionen (Goethe), Goethe’s Collected Works, in 12 volumes, Suhrkamp edition; Taking Appearance Seriously: The Dynamic Way of Seeing in Goethe and European Thought (Henri Bortoft)


Henri Bortoft: Goethean Science Part 1

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