Discussion of the contemplative approach to thinking in contrast to modern scientific thought. Unpacking of previous quotations from Meister Eckhart and Heidegger along with a note on Goethe’s view of nature — and relating these ideas to McKenna’s take on the Balkanization of epistemology. A discussion of contemplative thought in relation to creativity and art, followed by a contrast of the prosaic view of modern science with the poetic view of art, with references to Blake and Goethe.

Thinkers/writers quoted or cited: Meister Eckhart, Rene Descartes, Martin Heidegger, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Terence McKenna, William Blake

Also mentioned in passing: Dōgen, Shizuteru Ueda, Friedrich Nietzsche, Isaac Newton, Immanuel Kant

Related terms/concepts discussed: calculative thought vs contemplative thought, perspective/approach to thinking vs system/theory of thought, concept of reality vs experience, limits in thought vs lack of limits with respect to God/Being/Nature, being present/absorbed in the moment during act of creation and in the appreciation of great art

Recommended Reading: The Origin of the Work of Art / Der Ursprung des Kunstwerkes (Heidegger), What is Called Thinking? / Was heißt Denken? (Heidegger), Faust (Goethe), Die Gottesgeburt in der Seele und der Durchbruch zur Gottheit. Die mystische Anthropologie Meister Eckharts und ihre Konfrontation mit der Mystik des Zen-Buddhismus (Ueda)

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