Credo, Part 2: Large Poems (S2E10)

A meditation on the leap of faith as a poetic response to the ineffable ground of being. Faith relates to reason much as poetry to prose.

Credo, Part 1: Small Answers (S2E9)

The leap of faith as a disposition toward being, vs scientific or ideological reductionism. A meditation on “small answers,” wholeness, and the credo.

Welcome to Wholly Orders

A poetic and philosophical exploration of tradition

Are you unsatisfied with (or perhaps even strenuously opposed to) the pervasive contemporary worldview in the West that treats poetry, philosophy, and the Western contemplative religious tradition as being mere flights of fancy irrelevant to the “modern world”?

Wholly Orders is a project that seeks a unity in thinking within the Western philosophical and contemplative tradition.

This means first and foremost the Roman Catholic tradition.

The ‘wholeness’ that proceeds from a unity in thinking, as part of that living tradition, is something quite different from the modern push for uniformity in thought.

If you are looking for a serious treatment of the Western philosophical, poetic, and contemplative religious tradition, without ideological pandering or pseudo-philosophical posturing, you are most welcome.

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