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Wholly Orders Podcast

Where Poetry, Philosophy, and Science Come Together

Most recent episode

Gathering the Appearances: Poetic Innocence & Tradition (Episode 030)

A discussion of the poetic gathering of appearances in connection with innocence and tradition. We compare Heidegger’s poetic vision with holistic approaches to science. The pure heart of Hölderlin and the poetic innocence of Yeats come together as well to show an alternative to the ‘flattening’ of our world by technology.

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Penultimate episode

Love the Questions: Poetic Measure & The Unknown (Episode 029)

Rilke’s advice to love the questions is our starting point. Poetic measure and its relation to the Unknown is the main focus. Heidegger’s reading of Hölderlin helps us to understand what it is that poetry measures.

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Welcome to Wholly Orders

A fresh approach to and inquiry into the Western philosophical tradition.

Are you unsatisfied with a contemporary worldview that seems to view science and philosophy as mutually exclusive?

…And quite unconvinced that poetry and the Western contemplative spiritual tradition are flights of fancy irrelevant to the ‘modern world’?

…And also unwilling to throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to Western thinking?

Wholly Orders is a project that seeks to find again a unity in thinking within the Western tradition. One that brings together poetry, philosophy, and science.

Many important thinkers of the past also regarded these as parts within a whole.

This is a project rooted in tradition but grounded in the present. It is quite often how we see that can make all the difference to what we see.

If you are looking for a serious treatment of the Western philosophical and spiritual tradition, without ideological pandering or pseudo-philosophical posturing, you are most welcome. (Conversely, if you prefer culture wars, secret teachings, personal growth ‘philosophies,’ etc., look elsewhere.)

Finally, if the ongoing ‘Balkanization of epistemology’ rubs you the wrong way, you are not alone.

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